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7 Annual Maintenance Tips for Coastal Homes

7 Annual Maintenance Tips for Coastal Homes


Termite and pest control inspections.  Hire a professional to inspect your home to locate any infestations by termites, subterranean termites or mildew/dryrot on exposed wood.  Remedying these issues as they occur is cost effective and keeps them from spreading to unaffected areas of your home.


Inspect for signs of any rot, mildew or excess moisture.  Areas of concern are crawl spaces, foundations, basements, rooflines and attics.  If you locate the source of a leak, have it repaired immediately!  Warmer, drier summer weather allows areas that may have held moisure to dry out.  They will be much easier to repair or replace now.


Power washing.  Cleaning the exterior of your home, walkways and windows will remove months of dirt and salt water residue plus stop mold and mildew in their tracks.


Heating and Air Conditioning.  With significantly more salt in the air, it is important to regularly have your HVAC system serviced while also ensuring that your air filters are replaced monthly.


Seal decks.  Salt air, salt water and the brutal sun are tough on any exposed woodwork, especially decks.  This is one of the annual to-dos that pays off by extending the lifetime of your investment.


Landscape maintenance.  Keep all plants and trees trimmed away from the exterior of the home helping to prevent moisture damage, blocked rain gutters and even problems with the foundation.


Extra care for patio furniture.  Your outdoor furniture can take a real beating from the ocean air and moisture.  Protect it by convering it up when not in use and overnight.  Remove salt buildup by rinsing weekly if possible and drying with a soft cloth.  Use a mild cleaner such as dishwashing soap.  To be really effective, apply a coat of car way or other polishing compound every few months.