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Protect Coronado Luxury Homes with These Home Security Tips

For owners of Coronado luxury homes, keeping their property and belongings protected should be one of their main concerns. Additional security for their abode will not only protect their valued possessions things, but your loved ones too.

For outside doors:

-Instead of unfilled units, install strong doors that are either made of solid wood or metal-clad.

-Security glazing is ideal for glass insets on doors. The durable plastic will prevent someone from breaking the glass and opening the door from the inside.

-Put up additive locks on sliding glass doors to prevent the door from being forced open. This is not advisable to be included in the fire escape plan.


-Installation of motion sensors offers extra lighting to Coronado luxury homes, which can give a welcoming atmosphere and can deter potential burglars.

-Light up the address numbers so that police and emergency team can easily and quickly find the house.


-Dead bolt can strengthen all keyed locks. The dead bolt should extend at least one inch when locked, to withstand heavy blasts. Beveled rims on the lock will prevent it from being unlocked with pliers.

-Install an alarm. Effective alarms have loud rings. Some systems will silently inform the alarm company or police if the circuit is tripped. When purchasing an alarm system, be sure to compare a variety of systems to see what woulql for your dwelling.


-Replace those thumb-operated latches on windows with a key-operated lock. By doing so homeowners can protect the window's top and bottom sections.

-Safety bars on windows will offer additional security for ground level windows of Coronado luxury homes. These are available in a variety of styles and materials.

With these added safety measures, they can sleep a little easier knowing their property is secured against burglars and other risks that may lurk around their dwelling.


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