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Spring Cleaning 2017


With an unusual amount of rain falling in San Diego this spring, staying inside to get your Spring Cleaning done this year will not be a problem!


Although there might seem to be an abundance of tasks to tackle, we recommend a few that will provide organization all year long making next year's event a lot less stressful.


  • Declutter your kitchen:  Do you have bakeware that is no longer non-stick?  Can't find your favorite spatula in the drawer?  Is your pantry out of control
  1. Start cleaning and organizing one drawer at a time.  Take everything out, wipe down the drawers/shelves and neatly place the items back inside.  Adding utensil organizers or non-slip drawer liners will help to keep things in place.
  2. Go through your pots, pans and bakeware.  Dispose of any items that are no longer in good working condition. Splurge on some replacements.  If you cook often, that expense will be well worth it in the year to come. 
  3. When organizing the pantry, be sure to organize your shelves by type of food.  Put all your baking items in basket for easy transport to the counter when it is time to use them.  Organize spices on tiered racks so you can easily see and access them when you are preparing dinner.  Be sure to check expiration dates and throw away expired foods.  Also, this is a great time to pull items you have not used and donate them to a local food bank.
  • The Laundry Room:  If you do not already have cabinets or shelving to organize your cleaning supplies, that is the 1st thing to do.  Making sure those items stay dry and free of debris will make sure they work properly when added to your next load of wash.
  1. Add hooks or a pole to the wall to allow a clean place for your delicates to air dry.  Adding hooks for mops, brooms and other cleaning tools will also keep your area clutter-free.
  • Linen Cabinet: Organize sheet sets by folding them and storing all the pieces inside one pillow case.  This helps keep the cabinet organized and you will have all the pieces in one spot when it's time to change the sheets.
  • Hallway Closet: Use wire baskets to organize ribbon, bows and tissue paper.  Use a tall, thin box in the closet to organize rolls of wrapping paper.  

Here's to a happy and well organized home!