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The City Of Coronado Development Then & Now

Interested in building your own home in Coronado? Here is all you need to know regarding the history, rules, codes and regulations!


Coronado Development


For such a small Island Coronado has one of the most exciting and interesting histories of any City in Southern California. A fun and unique vacation destination visited annually by millions of tourist from all over the world, people often leave Coronado charmed by our Crown City! Whether the Historic Hotel Del, beautiful white sand beaches, quaint tree lined streets, or our beautiful array of unique homes which range from 1890's historic craftsman to 2014 Beach Houses! A favorite pastime for even Locals is biking around the Island admiring and enjoying all our beautiful streets and the architecture that lines them! From one street to the next each home is often uniquely different with the Coronado touch on traditional craftsman's, single level beach bungalows, Spanish, Victorian, and of course the stately historic Coronado mansions!


Today, as Coronado has evolved throughout the years, construction has remained a familiar site on the Island...we will never have more land so long time homeowners or new buyers alike are working with what property they have! Remodeling, building new construction, splitting lots and building multiple homes are all common sites. Most importantly as real estate prices rise in our Crown City these options afford some young families the ability to relocate to Coronado!

The City of Coronado has stayed true to our City's original grid layout but have constantly evolved the the zoning, building requirements, and codes to comply with modern day standards while maintaining the integrity of our Crown City! 

Today's modern zoning map can be found via the City of Coronado website and is the most helpful tool when deciding which location in Coronado fits your requirements and needs the best. The primary building zones for residential construction in Coronado are the R1-A, R1-B, R3  and R-4 zones.

Here is the quick and easy breakdown on Coronado Zoning:

  •  R-1A - Single Family Residential Property 5,200 - 7,500 square feet
  •  R-1B - Single Family Residential Property 3,500 square feet
  •  R-3 - Multiple Family Residential Property 3,500 square feet, zoned for up to 3 detached or attached homes
  •  R-4 - Multiple Family Residential Property 3,500 square feet within the Orange Ave Corridor, zoned for 3 or more detached or attached homes

Properties in Coronado range of 2,000 to over 20,000 square feet, however; the average Coronado property is between 3,000 and 7,000 square feet. With some changes in the City building codes since the early 2000's the R-3 zoning has become the most valuable and popular property zoning amongst home owners!

Always important to remember is that City codes, building requirements, and regulations are constantly changing and evolving. When considering your own remodel or purchasing a property in Coronado for future development opportunity the City of Coronado has a very helpful and knowledgeable staff who are always available to assist. When doing research on the City Website under the Government Tab you will find links to every helpful topic related to development, construction, zoning, historic preservation, and current discussions regarding all! Links to the municipal code can be found below as well as helpful City of Coronado contacts.


Helpful Coronado Municipal Code

Helpful Contacts at the City of Coronado's Building Department :

Peter Fait: Associate Planner; Community Development

(619) 522-2414 



Ann McCaul: Senior Planner; Community Development

(619) 522-2415



John Swanson: Assistant Planner; Commuity Development

(619) 522-2416


Tricia Olson: Associate Planner; Community Development

 (619) 522-7329