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San Diego - Central Communities


Mission Valley

Mission Valley is a wide valley trending east-west in San Diego, through which the San Diego River flows to the Pacific Ocean. Due to its massive size, it is divided into two neighborhoods: Mission Valley East and Mission Valley West. Mission Valley serves as an important shopping and entertainment center for San Diego. Also, there has been a large amount of newly-built condominiums and apartments that have been recently built in this area.




Hillcrest is a neighborhood in San Diego northwest of Balboa Park.


Hillcrest is known for its tolerance, diversity, and locally-owned businesses, including restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs, trendy thrift-stores, and other independent specialty stores. Due to Hillcrest's grid street pattern and relatively high population density, pedestrian activity is relatively high.


The Hillcrest Association, a business improvement organization, and Uptown Planners, an organization representing residents interested in planning issues, work to make Hillcrest attractive for shoppers and residents.



North Park

North Park is one of San Diego’s most up-and-coming communities. Although many regions of San Diego claim to be the heart of the city, geographically North Park claims the true center: east of Hillcrest and immediately North of Balboa Park. Stemming from its matchless diversity, the community is rapidly emerging as one of San Diego’s newest cultural and artistic cores. As the area has matured, winning proprietors have drifted in to open a superlative variety of establishments, from award-winning restaurants to unique nightlife attractions. The community has also distinguished itself by hosting Ray at Night, a monthly festival where the myriad art galleries on North Park’s Ray street congregate to showcase the work of local artists.




Kensington is a neighborhood of the Mid-City region of San Diego. The neon "Kensington" sign can be found overhanging Adams Avenue, which acts as the neighborhood's cultural and business center. Many street names in the community have English origins. The residential area has an impressive collection of Spanish Revival style homes, this being the most popular style in San Diego during the late 1920s when much of Kensington was built out. Kensington and Talmadge are sometimes grouped together as one community for official purposes.



Normal Heights

Normal Heights is a neighborhood of the mid-city region of San Diego. It is known for its affordable pubs, restaurants, coffee houses, smoke shops, antique shops, book shops, and burgeoning arts community. Like other urban mesa neighborhoods north of Balboa Park, Normal Heights has a high rate of pedestrian activity, and a Unique mixes of Nationality and Gender Variant Citizen relative to the rest of San Diego. Three important neighborhood events take place in Normal Heights: The Adams Avenue Roots Festival, The Adams Avenue Street Fair, and Art around Adams.



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